Aerial Advertising Private Limited will provide reliable and cost effective aerial advertising services to businesses as well as to individuals. Headquartered in Chandigarh, the company will assist in placement and fulfillment of aerial advertising and message displays.

We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of professionalism, all pilots will be Commercial rated endorsed to carry out Banner Towing. The company has Director General of Civil Aviation issued waiver for Banner Towing operations to handle all logistics and permits required for successful execution of Aerial Advertising and message displays.

As pioneers of aerial adverting in India, our vision is to achieve and retain a leadership position in the aerial advertising service space, and to be the premier Indian institution known for offering these services with a consistently superior mix of innovation and quality.

Advertising is of increasing concern to companies, as channels multiply and product offerings become more sophisticated. Advertising is becoming a bigger and bigger part of the marketing mix. “Because markets are growing and competition is increasing, one absolutely has to advertise”. They are also concerned about the profusion of media channels – ‘media clutter’ and the increasing number of brands competing for the same space. The biggest issue in marketing is media fragmentation. Years ago one could run an ad on TV and know 80% of TV owners would see it. Now we have so many channels that one doesn’t know how to focus. Mass media is becoming less and less effective: one can pour money into TV advertising these days and see absolutely marginal effect on sales. Aerial Advertising as a new concept/media of outdoor advertising plays an effective role to reach out to the outdoor audience.

We being Professionals and entrepreneurs have understood its importance and value and money this brings to the companies. We have realized that organizations are spending crores of rupees in Media Advertisement of different types to establish brand value, Branding and Brandization. Newer forms of media are being searched everyday. Newer methods which will penetrate and impact the consumer’s mind deeply leaving an impression which retains for a long time are being searched. Aerial Advertising Private Ltd brings one such new concept of advertising to India. It is well established and popular and millions of dollars are being spent on this media of advertising in developed countries. In this chaotic world of advertising the sky is the One remaining uncluttered environment. The strength of aerial advertising is that it is hard to ignore! The sky is truly the limit here. Aerial ad messages are seen in a clutter free environment. They appeal to sense of adventure, are seldom perceived as intrusive or aggravating and are often fun to read! In contrast to the constant barrage of messages from traditional media, which often result in tune-out, aerial messages retain the ability to stimulate curiosity and command attention. Skyads is a fresh medium in India that will give an unprecedented boost to a campaign by achieving the targeted brand/message recall, addressing a specified target audience and providing a simple and traceable promotion. As a highly visible medium, aerial advertising is a particularly spectacular way of reaching people assembled in mass audiences.

Aerial letter banners feature brilliant Red characters (LETTERS) constructed from high-strength, lightweight nylon fabric (Red has proven to be the colour with the highest degree of readability in the sky). Banners can promote a variety of events and activities and are great for those announcements that require presentation on short notice. Clients may choose from a wide variety of letters, numbers, symbols and other graphics to create their custom banner. The copy can be quickly revised to meet changing needs. Only a short lead time is required to produce a banner. This is a key advantage. A banner for an advertiser can be assembled and ready for flight within two days of order placement.

Logo Billboards with trailing letters Banners combine the vivid imagery of billboards with the textual message versatility of letter banners. They are smaller in size than standard billboards and feature special fasteners that attach to banners. The billboards are reusable and the trailing copy can be changed and customized to reflect current specials or promotions. Custom event-specific trailers will be available and are able to make to coordinate with the logo. Also available is the flag logo, a special logo billboard option in which the text message is presented first and the branding billboard files as a flag at the back of the text. Every billboard is customized and made to client specifications. Once clients have decided that a billboard is right for them, we will meet with them to determine their needs, outline a cost structure and programme their unique billboard and advertising schedule.

Choosing an Aerial billboard provides a prominent canvas for showcasing graphic messages and computer enhanced artwork. They are frequently used for building brand identification and for increasing product awareness and retention. The vibrant colors and larger-than-life dimensions create a striking presentation of company logos and emblems. When not being flown, billboards can also be used as a static display at events. They are constructed for durability and with proper maintenance, will last for hundreds of hours of flight time. Every Billboard is customized and made to client specifications. Once clients have decided that a billboard is right for them. We will meet with them to determine their needs, outline a cost structure and create their unique billboard and advertising schedule.